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Anlin Windows: Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings for Windows in Garden Grove, California


Welcome to Fitzhauer Construction’s guide to understanding energy efficiency ratings for Anlin Windows in Garden Grove, California. As a homeowner in this beautiful city, you know the importance of having windows that not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also provide energy savings and noise reduction. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Anlin Windows, discuss their energy efficiency ratings, and help you make an informed decision when it comes to window replacement and installation.

Anlin Windows: The Best Choice for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy-efficient windows, Anlin Windows is a name that stands out. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Anlin Windows has become a trusted brand for homeowners in Garden Grove and across the United States. Their windows are designed to provide superior insulation, reduce energy consumption, and offer long-lasting performance.

Anlin True Double Lifetime Warranty

One of the standout features of Anlin Windows is their True Double Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers both the product and the installation, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. With Anlin Windows, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come.

Finding an Anlin Windows Contractor near You

When it comes to window replacement, it is important to work with a professional contractor who is experienced in installing Anlin Windows. Fitzhauer Construction is a trusted Anlin Windows Contractor in California. With their expertise and knowledge, they can help you choose the right windows for your home and ensure a seamless installation process.

Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency ratings play a crucial role in determining the performance of windows. By understanding these ratings, you can make an informed decision and choose the most energy-efficient replacement windows for your home. Let’s take a closer look at the key factors to consider:


The U-Factor measures how well a window prevents heat from escaping your home. The lower the U-Factor, the better the window’s insulation properties. Anlin Windows are known for their low U-Factor, making them an excellent choice for energy efficiency in Garden Grove’s varying climate.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The SHGC measures the amount of solar heat that enters your home through the windows. Anlin Windows are designed to minimize solar heat gain, helping you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

Visible Transmittance (VT)

The VT rating measures how much visible light is transmitted through the window. Anlin Windows offer a balanced VT rating, allowing natural light to brighten your home while still providing privacy and protection from harmful UV rays.

Air Leakage

Air leakage refers to the amount of air that passes through the window. Anlin Windows are engineered to minimize air leakage, ensuring that your home remains draft-free and energy-efficient.

The Benefits of Anlin Windows

Choosing Anlin Windows for your home in Garden Grove comes with a range of benefits:

  • Energy Savings: With their superior insulation properties, Anlin Windows can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
  • Noise Reduction: Anlin Windows are designed to minimize outside noise, creating a peaceful and quiet environment inside your home.
  • Enhanced Comfort: By preventing heat transfer, Anlin Windows help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, keeping you comfortable year-round.
  • UV Protection: Anlin Windows are equipped with Low-E glass coatings that block harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading.
  • Increased Home Value: Installing energy-efficient windows like Anlin Windows can significantly boost the value of your home.

Window Replacement and Installation

When it comes to window replacement and installation, it is crucial to work with a reputable contractor like Fitzhauer Construction. Their team of experts will guide you through the process, from selecting the right Anlin Windows for your home to ensuring a seamless installation. With their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust Fitzhauer Construction for all your window replacement needs in Garden Grove.


Investing in energy-efficient windows is a smart decision for homeowners in Garden Grove, California. Anlin Windows offer superior performance, energy savings, noise reduction, and other benefits that enhance the comfort and value of your home. With the guidance of a trusted Anlin Windows Contractor like Fitzhauer Construction, you can enjoy the advantages of Anlin Windows and make your home more energy-efficient and beautiful. Contact us today to learn more about how Anlin Windows can improve your home.

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